Econosew Heavy-duty Lockstitch Machine LU-563

Econosew Heavy-duty Lockstitch Machine LU-563
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Econosew Heavy-duty Lockstitch Machine LU-563 Product Details.

Heavy duty single-needle lockstitch machine, unison-feed (needle-feed & drop-feed with alternating presser feet), large vertical rotary hook and reverse feed.

Price is for machine head ONLY. Does not include table or motor.

  • Uses Singer 111W style walking feet
  • Built-in safety clutch prevents hook damage
  • Plunger pump lubricating system
  • Arm shaft and hook shaft are supported by ball bearings
  • Timing belt driven & high presser foot lift
  • For sewing medium & heavy materials such as canvas, leather, vinyl, synthetics, etc.

    Maximum Sewing Speed          2400 spm
    Stitch Length Adjustment      0 to 8.5mm 
    Presser Foot Lift             By hand: 9mm
                                  By knee: 11mm 
    Needle System                 135x17 
    Needle Bar Stroke             33mm 
    Feed Type                     Unison-feed 
    Hook Type                     Large vertical rotary hook 
    Presser foot lift             2.5 to 6.5mm (3.2mm standard) 
    Working Space                 280mm (11") 
    Lubrication System            Manual

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