Econosew Lockstitch Patching Machine 29E71LBT

Econosew Lockstitch Patching Machine 29E71LBT
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Econosew Lockstitch Patching Machine 29E71LB Product Details.

Cylinder bed, top feed single-needle lockstitch patching machine. Large bobbin, 12" arm.

Price is for machine head ONLY. Does not include table or motor.

  • Extra small cylinder bed
  • Oscillating shuttle
  • Universal upper feed for stitching in any direction without turning work
  • Double-ended needle plate with different size holes at back end to accommodate various size needles
  • Machine can be driven by food treadle or hand crank
  • Hand wheel can be mounted on front or right end of machine
  • Can sew extra-heavy materials like leather, rubber, canvas & plastic; especially for cylindrical products
  • Adjustable thread take-up lever, presser foot pressure and thread tension

    Maximum Sewing Speed        500 spm
                                (Depends on thread, material & type                            of operation) 
    Stitch Length Adjustment    1 to 7mm 
    Presser Foot Lift           10.5mm 
    Needle System               29x3 
    Feed Type                   Top-feed 
    Hook Type                   Large oscillating shuttle hook 
    Working Space               310mm 
    Depth of Cylinder Bed       29.4mm 
    Width of Cylinder Bed       27.8mm 
    Lubrication System          Manual

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